5 Skin Disease That You Will Get If You Don’t Maintain Proper Hygiene

Our skin is fragile and vulnerable. It’s the most vulnerable part of our body since it has a direct contact with the outside world. And to be quite honest, the human skin is absolutely astonishing when we take under consideration what we are putting it through every single day. We put it under the sun to burn, we bruise it, we let the dirt stick to it, and it always recovers and despite everything we do to our skin, it always recovers. Helping our permanent suit maintaining itself is the least we can do, but even if we take good care of our skin, there are some disease can infect us, no matter what we do.
When it comes to skin, there are two general types of disease – Permanent skin diseases and Temporary skin diseases. Today we are going to talk about the second kind. There are several temporary skin diseases with various spread among humans. Some of them are infectious and dangerous, others are just annoying.

Acne is one of the most common skin condition among humans. Almost every teen at one point or another has acne and it’s the cornerstone around many of teenage drama. Acne actually comes in four different forms. Most widespread are the Pustules, which are the red pimples that have pus at their tips. Everyone has seen one of this on their face at some point in their lives. They are not dangerous, yet they cause much self-esteem problems during the teenage years. The second kind is the papules that are raised red bumps. Infected hair follicles cause this nasty dots. They might be noticeable, but at least they don’t hurt like the Nodules. They are the painful kind of acne, which are lumps formed beneath the surface of the skin. They are especially irritating when they grow somewhere where there is friction with cloths or a part of your body. Cysts are the last and the nastiest kind of acne. They combine the worst of the previous kinds.They are big painful pus-filled infections that lie beneath the skin.

Thankfully all kinds of acne are easily treated with various creams or in more severe cases – with medication

Hives are welts raised up from the normal layer of skin and are very itchy. Most commonly they are the result of an allergic reaction to stress, illnesses or sometimes even clothes if they are too tight or uncomfortable. There is an easy cure with antihistamines, but the best course of action is to prevent them from ever happening.

Warts are a bit more dangerous than the previous entries since they’re contagious. The human papilloma virus stays behind this nasty skin disease and it can appear on any part of your body. You will know you have one when you see a raised bump on your skin. The best thing about this disease is that it will go away eventually on its own but if you want to speed the process you can treat them with liquid nitrogen or medical creams, but only after consulting with a doctor.

Nail Fungus are (as you might have guessed) fungus, which live under or around the nails. Typically they form on the feet. If not treated the fungal buildup will cause the nail’s edges to crumble away, the color of your nail will change to yellowish and an unpleasant odor might appear. The solution is an antifungal cream or in some more severe cases other drugs.

Candidiasis is one of the most annoying skin disease out there. It appears mostly in the armpits, groins, or behind the knee. This disease is caused by the overgrowth of the Candida albicans fungus on the body. Thank God this irritating disease is easily avoidable if you maintain a proper hygiene and avoid overuse of antibiotics.

There are other skin disease as well, but the key point is to maintain a quality hygiene and prevent your skin from getting infected. This way you’ll insure that you won’t need to check out which disease you got, and how to treat it.