All Natural Cream For Great Skin You Can Make Yourself

Nature is the greatest healer of all. You might have heard this small piece of wisdom from elderly people or even from your own grandpa and grandma. Most of them really believe that everything you suffer can be fixed by something the nature has provided. Now this may not be entirely true, but it certainly isn’t as farfetched as you might think. People are part of nature, and of course nature has its way of providing the needed substances to heal us and to ease our pain. That’s why many old people in the countryside and in smaller communities are usually mainly relying on herbs and natural products. Some of them actually work and are even used by pharmaceutical companies as a base for medicines. Others just rely on the placebo effect, but it doesn’t matter they don’t cost any harm, and the placebo effect can prove to be a powerful cure on its own.

Usually all natural have no side effects and that’s why they are the best remedies when it comes to skin problems. Most of the highly priced cosmetic products are actually based on all natural products and you can make them yourself. To prove this we will offer you an easy recipe for a remedy, that will make your scars and stretchmarks disappear. Only a few people know how to get rid of nasty scars and how to make them invisible, which gives the cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies green light to exploit this. Since your appearance is highly related with your self-esteem you are ready to pay a lot of money to make those scars disappear. To be fair there are products out there that actually work, but why give so much money, when you can just make it your self. With this recipe you can get rid of acne, pimples, wounds, operation scars, even stretch marks.

Ingredients and preparation

All you need for this amazing cream, that will eradicate all unwanted skin deformities, are just four ingredients that are very easy to find and you probably already have them at your home. You’ll need lavender oil, cacao butter, olive oil and natural honey.

The whole preparation process is as easy as counting to 10. Start by melting the cacao butter in hot water. Add equal amount of olive oil and a tablespoon of natural honey. At the end put a few drops of the lavender oil in the mix. Blend it all together and put it aside to cool down. Keep in mind that the best results will be achieved only if you use quality ingredients without artificial additives and preservatives. Some additives may even cause you harm, inflammation or worsen the condition of your skin, rather than bettering it.

When your cream is at room temperature it’s ready for use. You can refrigerated the product if you have any left it won’t be a problem. Just don’t freeze it. Once frozen all benefits of the products you use are lost. The good news is, that this cream has a fairly long shelf life and you can use it for about a month.

How to apply

Appliance is no different than most of the cosmetics you use. The cream should be used at least twice a day for as long as it’s needed. Apply the mix directly on the area that needs to be fixed and around it. If you have a particularly deep scar, spread the cream generously on it. Don’t be hasty, the cream needs some time to work its magic. In about two weeks you will notice some change. In time the scar will become less visible and soon after it will merge with the skin around it. Well you you stare at it you’ll probably see it, but for all other people it will be virtually invisible.

Keep in mind that the time the cream will need to cover your scars and how well it will do this, depends on many factors and mainly on how severe the scar is. You should note as well that although the product is natural, and there are no side effects from it, you still can be allergic to one or more of the ingredients. So if you develop rash or swelling on the treated area stop using the product and consult your doctor.